Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain

Graham Kuo | COLD MOUNTAIN: 100 Poems


Some critic tried to put me down -
"Your poems lack the Basic Truth of Tao."
And I recall the old timers
Who were poor and didn't care.
I have to laugh at him,
He misses the point entirely,
Men like that
Ought to stick to making money.

Han Shan, The Cold Mountain Poems, tr. Gary Snyder

Even the flowers #1
[Even the flowers #1 |Graham Kuo | COLD MOUNTAIN: 100 Poems](!Even the flowers #1/zoom/t25ck/dataItem-imcm5wsk1)


Thirty years in this world
I wandered ten thousand miles,
By rivers, buried deep in grass,
In borderlands, where red dust flies.
Tasted drugs, still not Immortal,
Read books, wrote histories.
Now I’m back at Cold Mountain,
Head in the stream, cleanse my ears.

Han-shan - Words from Cold Mountain: Twenty-Seven Poems, tr A. S. Kline