Mindfulness and Money

Mindfulness and Money

American capitalism has had a long and durable romance with Eastern spirituality, and the latter has hardly undermined the former.

The Long Marriage of Mindfulness and Money | Michelle Goldberg | The New Yorker

Mindfulness as we know it today was born out of a meeting of pragmatic, modernizing Asian teachers looking to make Buddhism accessible to the West and Western seekers who fit the practice into an Occidental psychological framework. ... A technique once meant to help monks grasp the unreality of the self became the inspiration for a new sort of self-help tool, and from there it was just a short leap to mindfulness becoming a business tool.

coin with Buddha

Kuschan: Kanishka I., Münze

ca. 127/128-150/151 n. Chr.
Land: Afghanistan (Land)
Region: Gandhara (Region)

[MHT] PAΓO B OYΔO [Bactrian]. Buddha (Maitreya Buddha) sitting frontally in the lotus position on a low stool, the r. Hand he has raised in the gesture of abhayamudra (gesture of fearlessness) and in the L. He holds a water bottle.