Urchs - Paul Klee

Urchs de l’époque Héroïque, 1939 Urchs from the Heroic Age Chalk on paper on card 16 1/2 × 11 7/10 in 42 × 29.6 cm Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern After his return to Switzerland at the end of 1933, Klee became interested in the philosophy »

Daruma Netsuke

Netsuke served as anchors or counterweights for inrô and sagemono. A single cord was threaded through a cord channel on one side of the suspended container, through two holes (himotoshi) in the netsuke, then through the other side of the container, and knotted on the underside of the container. »

Wenn Buddha traumt, 1921

Composer: Words and music - Rebner and Rillo, Nacio H Brown Publisher: T B Harms Co. Details for Wenn Buddha traumt (When Buddha Smiles) Musical group: Paul Whiteman Orchestra Composer: Nacio Herb Brown , George Gershwin Leader: Paul Whiteman When Buddha smiles, Take 2 (1921-10-27) | National Jukebox LOC.gov »

Aloko Udapadi ආලෝකෝ උදපාදි (Light Arose)

It is the story of human effort to preserve the spiritual heritage of Buddhisim for future generations of mankind, said Mr. Weeraman about the film, which was screened as part of the World Cinema on Monday evening. Set against the background of events that took place 2,100 years ago »

Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra, 2nd-3rd C.E.

Transliteration, folio 3, recto (read in opposite direction) 1 /// droniye nikṣipisu satahasya acayena teladronito udhvaritvaṃ sarvagaṃdhotakehi kayaṃ sapayisu 2 /// [stra]yuvaśatehi kayaṃ veḍhayisu ahatehi paṃcahi vastrayugaśatehi kayaṃ veḍhitva ayaṃsadroni telena 3 /// + .v. + + + [dh. n.] ci[da] cinitva raño mahasudarśanasya śarira j̄apayisu catumaharpathe sthuvaṃ akarisu The Kharoṣṭī Manuscript The manuscript »

The Cosmic Buddha in 3D

Body of Devotion: The Cosmic Buddha in 3D January 30, 2016–July 9, 2017 Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Body of Devotion | Freer and Sackler Galleries Scholars have identified the headless figure as Vairochana, the Cosmic Buddha (Pilushena in Chinese). The iconography of the narrative scenes that cover its form-fitting robe »

Cutting the hair (ဆံချ)

A barber cutting a young boy's hair at a Buddhist monastery in Burma. Halftone after a photograph by R. Grant Brown. မြန်မာဘာသာ: ဆံချပေးနဲ့သည့်မိသားစုနှင့် ရှင်လောင်းကို တွေ့ရစဉ်။ Cutting the hair. Every Burman must enter »

Nanzenbushu bankoku shoka no zu, 1710

Nanzenbushu bankoku shoka no zu. Rokashi. Hoei 7 (1710) Engraver or Printer: Bundaiken, Uje Publication Author: Hotan, 1654-1738 Pub Date: 1710 Wood block print. Hand colored. In Chinese with Japanese annotations in red ink. Shows the world based on Buddhist literature from India and China. This map is based on »

Mes Aynak

Mes Aynak in Logar Province, Afghanistan on Saturday, October 29, 2011 | US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan In the spring of 1963, a French geologist set out from Kabul to carry out a survey in Logar province in eastern Afghanistan. His destination was the large outcrop of copper-bearing strata in the mountains »

TV Buddha

Projects: Nam June Paik | August 29–October 10, 1977 | MoMA 4 works by Nam June Paik. All works lent by the artist. 1977.806.1- 3 TV Buddha. (1974). One TV set, one Portapak camera and one wooden Buddha sculpture. Master Checklist | PDF Also on view in PROJECTS is Paik's »

pursuing gain with gain

Katamo ca, bhikkhave, micchāājīvo? Kuhanā, lapanā, nemittikatā, nippesikatā, lābhena lābhaṃ nijigīsanatā—ayaṃ, bhikkhave, micchāājīvo.And what, bhikkhus, is wrong livelihood? Scheming, talking, hinting, belittling, pursuing gain with gain: this is wrong livelihood.MN 117: The Great Forty (English) - Majjhima Nikāya - SuttaCentralTherein what is “seeking gain with gain”? One »